The Works of
Lord  Byron
1788 - 1824

The  Tales  &  Satires

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English Bards and Scotch ReviewersMazeppaThe Siege of Corinth

Prisoner of ChillonBride of AbydosCurse of Minerva

Oscar of AlvaThe Devil's Drive

Nisus and EuryalusThe GiaourLament of Tasso

Conquest of AlhamaThe BluesThe Waltz

BeppoFragment of a NovelAge of Bronze

The  Poetry

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An Alphabetical List of Poems


Most Byron admirer's have probably read "Byron's Letters & Journals" edited by Leslie A. Marchand.    If you have not, you may want to read  this  12-volume series for a better understanding of  Lord Byron.  It covers his life, beginning with the first letter he had ever written in 1798 at the age of 10, and continues until he died in 1824.  His letters take you on a journey back to that era, and Byron's emotional ups-and-downs through his lifetime.

Another book, worth reading is, "To Lord Byron" by George Paston and Peter Quennell.  These are letters from various women who had written to him, such as:  Caroline Lamb, Susan Vaughan (his maid at Newstead Abbey), Harriette Wilson, Susan Boyce (the Drury Lane Theatre actress), and others that had been a part of Byron's life.  This book helps to put in perspective, the letters that Byron wrote to them.

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