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A novella by: Marquis de Sade

This is not his usual sadistic tale.  It is well written, and could be read by everyone.  Although the story deals with incest . . . it is not one of depravity, but  tragically caused  by  a series of ill-fated events.

Without revealing  the plot, I would like to quote this one paragraph that the Marquis de Sade wrote near the end of the tale.

"At this point my pen stops . . . I ought to ask my readers for mercy, beg them to go no further . . . Yes, let them stop immediately if they do not wish to shudder with horror . . . Sad condition of mankind on earth, cruel effect of the capriciousness of fate . . . Why should the unhappy Florville, the most virtuous, charming and sensitive girl in the world, have found herself, through an almost inconceivable series of fateful events the most abominable monster that nature could have created?"
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Florville and Courval

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