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Kahlil Gibran


With might and power earth springs forth out of earth;

Then earth moves over earth with dignity and pride;

And earth from earth builds palaces for kings,

And lofty towers and goodly temples for all people,

And weaves strange myths, strict laws, and subtle dogmas.

When all these things are done, earth wearies of earth's labour,

And from its light and darkness it creates grey shadows,

and soft drowsy fancies and enchanting dreams.

Earth's slumber then beguiles earth's heavy eyelids,

and they close upon all things in deep and quiet slumber.

And earth calls out unto earth, saying:

"Behold, a womb am I, and I am a tomb;

A womb and a tomb I shall remain forever,

Ay, even until the stars are no more,

And until the suns are turned into dead ashes."


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