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Kahlil Gibran


The night is hushed,

And the dreams hide in silence.

The moon is rising ---

She has eyes to watch the day.

Come, daughter of the fields,

And let us go

Into the vineyards

Where the lovers meet.

For it may be

That there we, too, may quench

With love's good vintage

The drouth of our desire.

Hearken, the nightingale

Pours forth his song

Into the valleys

Which the hills have filled

With the green scent of mint.

Fear not beloved,

The stars will keep the secret of our meeting,

And the soft mist of night

Veil our embrace.

Fear not ---

The young bride of the djinns

In her enchanted cave

Lies sleeping, drunk with love,

And well-nigh hidden

From the houri's eyes.

And even should the king of the djinns pass by,

Then love will turn him back.

For is he not a lover as I am,

And shall he disclose

That which his own heart suffers?


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