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A Literary Eclogue

Lord Byron

The term "Blues" or "Bluestockings"  refers to the Literary group of women during the 18th and 19th century in Britain -- mainly the Regency era.   The stockings worn by these women were of a blue-grey color, with casual clothing rather than formal wear.

Byron submitted this literary eclogue to his publisher in 1821 ---  requesting  it be publish anonymously,  leaving his name out.  In the letter with the submission, he wrote:

 " . . . or I  shall have all the old women in London about my ears --- since it sneers at the solace of their antient Spinisterstry . . ."
Although his publisher did not publish it at that time, it was later published in The Liberal  in 1823.

Note to Readers:  In this version the format  is changed, but  the wording is the same as the published copies of The Blues.   ( I found this style easier to read rather than being cramped in a two-column page with double and triple indentations. )

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