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A  Satire

Lord Byron

Byron had been working on a satire in 1807, known then as British Bards.  In January, 1808, the Edinburgh Review published a scathing review of Byron's book of poems  Hours of Idleness.*

Byron was so incensed that he revised his original satire, renamed it English Bards and Scotch Reviewers and had it published anonymously in March, 1809.  The second edition was much longer than the first, and Byron published it the same year with his own name on the title page.

It is a very long satire on the reviewers of the Edinburgh Review and others in his era, or in the past, that had ever written poetry, prose, plays, etc. --- I doubt he had left anyone out of it. . . .except, perhaps, a few of the female authors of his day.

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NOTE:  The author of this review, left Byron to surmise . . . and to blame . . . Francis Jeffrey for the critique.  It wasn't until many years later that Byron was aware of the name of the author -- Henry Brougham.  Brougham  was also involved in Lord Byron's separation  in 1816 . . . as a lawyer, he was acting on behalf of Lady Byron.

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The review is from my copy of the 1807--1808 volume of The Edinburgh Review.  It is only the first page of the review --- I did not like this criticism of Lord Byron and could not bring myself to add the rest of the article (another 4 pages)  At least you'll have an idea of it's content . . . and if  you're interested in reading the full text, you can email me and I will forward the rest to you.

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