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Fare Thee Well
Lord Byron

Lord Byron married Annabella Milbanke, on January 2, 1815.   One year later, and after having a child on December 15, 1815,  they were separated.  In March of 1816, Byron composed the poem  " Fare Thee Well "  and in an enclosed note, he wrote . . .

" Dearest Bell --- I send you the first verses that ever I attempted to write upon you, and perhaps the last that I may ever write at all. "
Then in April, two days before leaving England for the last time, he signed the Deed of Separation and added  the following notation . . .

A year ago, you swore, fond she !
" To love, to honour, "  and so forth:
Such was the vow you pledged to me,
And here's exactly what 'tis worth.

Byron never saw his wife or daughter again.  He died 8 years later in April, 1824.

NOTE:  Fare Thee Well  has also been published in sheet music form.

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