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Fragment  of  a  Novel

Lord Byron
June 17, 1816

At the time Dr. Polidori's  The Vampyre  was published,  it was believed to have been written by Lord Byron . .  . or at least taken from this fragment of Byron's novel that was never completed.

Byron wrote in a letter to his publisher in May of 1819:

" . . . I enclose you the beginning of mine --- by which you will see how far it resembles Mr. Colburn's publication. --- If you choose to publish it in the Edinburgh Magazine (Wilsons & Blackwoods) you may --- stating why, & with such explanatory proem as you please --- I never went on with it --- as you will perceive by the date  . . . "
This fragment was published with Mazeppa in June, 1819.

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Note:  Excerpt of letter is from my copy of  L. Marchand's book - Byron's Letters & Journals.

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