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The Girl of Cadiz

Lord Byron

While in Cadiz, Byron wrote in a letter to his mother on August 11th, 1809:

" . . .Cadiz, sweet Cadiz !  is the most delightful town I ever beheld, . . . "     " . . .and full of the finest women in Spain . . ."      " . . . the girl is very pretty in the Spanish style, in my opinion by no means inferior to the English in charms, and certainly superior in fascination. --- Long black hair, dark languishing eyes, clear olive complexions, and forms more graceful in motion than can be conceived by an Englishman . . . . "
He had told the girl he would stop on his way back from his journey, and again in 1813 he had planned to go there.  Neither time was he successful in returning to Cadiz.

Byron composed this poem on board a ship sailing to Sardinia in August, 1809.

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