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Lord Byron
November 16, 1806.

NOTE:    This version of the poem is from Byron's 1806 edition of Fugitive Pieces.   The name  "Anna" in the title, was changed to "Ellen" in the 1807 edition of Hours of Idleness and  in later publications.


OH !    might I kiss those eyes of fire,

A million scarce would quench desire,

Still would I steep my lips in bliss,

And dwell an age on every kiss;

Nor then my soul should sated be,

Still would I kiss, and cling to thee,

Nought should my kiss from thine dissever,

Still would we kiss, and kiss forever;

E'en though the number did exceed,

The yellow harvest's countless seed,

To part would be a vain endeavour,

Could I desist? --- ah !    never --- never.


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