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Lord Byron

NOTE: In the works of Byron this is listed under Hebrew Melodies as Thy Days Are Done. In other books it is separate as The Patriot ---- I have used both titles.


Thy days are done, thy fame begun;

Thy country's strains record

The triumphs of her chosen son,

The slaughters of his sword:

The deeds he did, the fields he won,

The freedom he restored.

Though thou art fallen, while we are free

Thou shalt not taste of death:

The generous blood that flow'd from thee

Disdain'd to sink beneath;

Within our veins its currents be,

Thy spirit in our breath.

Thy name, our charging hosts along,

Shall be the battle-word;

Thy fall the theme of choral song

From virgin voices pour'd:

To weep would do thy glory wrong, --

Thou shalt not be deplored !\


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