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She Walks in Beauty

Lord Byron

This is by far, the most quoted poem of Lord Byron's.  It was inspired by Mrs. Wilmot, Byron's cousin, when he saw her wearing a spangled dress at Lady Sitwell's party in June, 1814.

Byron's friend, James W. Webster, had written about the event . . .  .

"I did take him to Lady Sitwell's party in Seymour Road. He there for the first time saw his cousin, the Beautiful Mrs. Wilmot. When we returned to his rooms in Albany, he said little, but desired Fletcher to give him a tumbler of Brandy, which he drank at once to Mrs. Wilmot's health, then retired to rest, and was, I heard afterwards, in a sad state all night. The next day he wrote those charming lines upon her --She walks in Beauty like the Night...."*
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She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

* Quote from:  Byron's Letter's and Journals edited by Leslie Marchand

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