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Lord Byron

Although the publication date for this poem is 1808, Byron actually wrote it in 1813.  This was to keep the identity of the person a secret.

Also, there were unpublished lines to When We Two Parted.  Below is an excerpt from a letter to his cousin, Lady Hardy, dated June 10th, 1823.

" . . . I had the melancholy task of prophesying as much many years ago --- in some lines --- of which three or four first stanzas only were printed --- and of course without names --- or allusions --- and with a false date --- I send you the concluding stanza --- which never was printed with the others. --- "
Then --- fare thee well --- Fanny ---
Now doubly undone ---
To prove false unto many ---
As faithless to One ---
Thou art past all recalling
Even would I recall ---
For the woman once falling
Forever must fall. ---
" . . . if you want to know where the lines to which this stanza belongs --- are --- they are in I know not what volume --- but somehwere (for I have no copy) but they begin with
"When we two parted
In silence and tears"
" . . . So here is a treasure for you in honour of our relationship --- rhymes unpublished --- and a secret into the bargain --- which you won't keep. --- "
Byron had written this poem about Lady Frances Webster.

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NOTE:    Music stanza is the 1816 sheet music of When We Two Parted from my Byron collection.

(The excerpt of Lady Hardy's letter is from my copy of Marchand's edition of Byron's Letters and Journals, volume 10)

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