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The Age of Bronze
Lord Byron

This poem of Byron's was published by John Hunt in April, 1823.  Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein and widow of Percy Shelley) had copied the manuscript for Byron.

To give the reader a general idea of the subject matter, I'll quote Lord Byron's reference to the Age of Bronze in a letter to Leigh Hunt on January 10th 1823:

". . .it is calculated for the reading part of the Million --- being all on politics &c. &c. &c. and a review of the day in general --- in my early English Barbs style --- but a little more stilted and somewhat too full of 'epithets of war' and classical & historical allusions . . ."
I suppose the intellectuals, and literary groups of Byron's era, must have enjoyed debating the political points of The Age of Bronze.

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NOTE:   The above illustration is from my Byron collection . . . a 1974 bronze Russian Medal, dedicated to Lord Byron by the Russian sculptor, Fedorova, in St. Petersburg.  I thought it fitting to use this for Byron's Age of Bronze.

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