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The Isles of Greece
Lord Byron

The Isles of Greece is part of Lord Byron's Don Juan, Canto the Third - LXXXVI.   The Third Canto was completed in 1819 but not published until 1821.

I have read this poem quite a few times, but never fully appreciated it, until after I made the trip to Greece.  The Greek Government should be complimented on the wonderful care of their archaeological sites . . .  it's amazing to see how well ancient history and  modern civilization are able to exist in harmony.

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NOTE:  This photo is of the Poseidon Temple on the promontory at Sunium.  The view is perfect from here, with the Cyclades doting the blue Aegean Sea.  Byron had made visits here in 1810 and he had also carved his name in one of the stones of the temple.  This is one place not to be missed if you visit Athens, especially the late afternoon tour and the sunset behind the temple.  It's like stepping back in history.

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