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Maid of Athens

Lord Byron

This poem was written when Byron was leaving Athens in 1810, and  it was dedicated  to the daughter of his landlady, Mrs. Tarsia Macri.

In a letter to H. Drury, May 3rd, 1810, Byron wrote:

. . . . I almost forgot to tell you that I am dying for love of three Greek Girls at Athens, sisters, two of whom have promised to accompany me to England, I lived in the same house, Teresa, Mariana, and Kattinka, are the names of these divinities all of them under 15 . . . .

Note:  The last  line of each stanza is written in Greek.   This is Byron's translation:  "My life, I love you!"

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Illustration - Teresa Macri, Byron's "Maid of Athens" from a sketch by T. Allason in 1812

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