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Christopher Marlowe
( 1564 - 1593 )

 Sir Walter Raleigh
 ( 1552 - 1618 )

Both of these men in their time were known for more than poetry.  So much has been written that is contradictory that it is hard to know what is fact or fiction.

It has been said that Marlowe was a spy for Queen Elizabeth I and was assassinated, while others say he was in a barroom brawl and was stabbed to death.

Raleigh had been lauded for his many voyages bringing fortune to England's Queen Elizabeth I, and  yet the Queen had him imprisoned in the Tower for marrying without her permission.

As for this Poem . . . I have read  that Sir Walter Raleigh was in prison at the time "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" was written by Christopher Marlowe.  It's not hard to imagine Raleigh would be cynical in that environment when he penned his version of the poem.   Now this may or may not be true . . . but it had impressed me nevertheless, as to a reason for
"Her Reply"  by Sir Walter Raleigh.

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 The Passionate Shepherd

Her Reply

Two Poets - One Poem

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