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Lord Byron

Byron's "Siege of Corinth" deals with the conflict between the Christians and Muslims, when Venice ( then a superpower ) and the Turkish Ottomans were fighting over a portion of territory in Greece.

Entwined in the plot is a tragic love affair where, like Romeo and Juliet, they die at the end.  In fact, there are no winners or losers left in the bloody battle of Corinth in this story.

The young man, Lanciotto, known as "Alp, the Adrian Renegade" was a Christian from Venice.  He was forced into exile by a trumped-up charge sentencing him to death that was conspired by a powerful governor, who did not want his daughter, Francesca, to marry Lanciotto.

Bitter at the treatment by his homeland, and losing Francesca, he denounced his Christian religion to join the Muslims as a renegade.  He fought in battles against the Venetians, and became a valiant leader for the Ottomans.

As the Siege begins, Lanciotto discovers the Governor is at the fortress in Corinth and Francesca is with him.

NOTE:  Eight years after this was written, Byron died during the Greek War of Independence in Missolonghi, located on the Gulf of Corinth.

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