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Lord Byron

Byron published the volume of Fugitive Pieces in 1806 and presented the first copy to the Reverend J. T. Becher of Southwell.  The Reverend informed Byron that he objected to the poem To Mary and considered it as  "too warm".

This objection led Byron to suppress the edition immediately, and he burned nearly every copy.  Four copies are known to have escaped the destruction.  One of these copies  . . .  inspite of his criticism of  the poem . . .  was in the possession of  Reverend Becher, and one copy, originally sent to John Pigot in Edinburgh, had the pages containing To Mary missing per Byron's instruction's to removed them.

Later, Byron replaced Fugitive Pieces  with a second volume in 1807 as Poems on Various Occasions.  Byron did not include To Mary in this volume and he never had  it reprinted.  It was not included in any edition of Byron's completed works.

This copy of the poem is taken from a facimile volume of the Fugitive Pieces belonging to Reverend Becher.

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To Mary

NOTE:  Byron wrote another poem in 1806, also from  the Fugitive Pieces, entitled  The Tear   which he again mentions "Mary"  ( in paragraphs 8 and 9. )

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