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The Sayings of The Brook

Kahlil Gibran


I walked in the valley as the rising dawn spoke the secret of eternity,

And there a brook, on its course, was singing, calling and saying:

Life is not only a merriment;

Life is desire and determination.

Wisdom is not in words;

Wisdom is meaning within words.

Greatness is not in exalted position;

Greatness is for he who refuses position.

A man is not noble through ancestry;

How many noblemen are descendants of murders?

Not everyone in chains is subdued;

At times, a chain is greater than a necklace.

Paradise is not in repentance;

Paradise is in the pure heart.

Hell is not in torture;

Hell is in an empty heart.

Riches are not in money alone;

How many wanderers were the riches of all men?

Not all the poor are scorned;

The wealth of the world is in a loaf of bread and a cloak.

Beauty is not in the face;

Beauty is a light in the heart.

Perfection is not for the pure of soul;

There may be virtue in sin.

This is what the brook said to the tree upon its banks;

Perhaps what the brook sang was of some of the secrets of the sea.


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