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William Walsh
1663 - 1708


Distracted with Care,

For Phillis the Fair;

Since nothing cou'd move her,

Poor Damon, her Lover,

Resolves in Despair

No longer to languish,

Nor bear so much Anguish;

But, mad with his Love,

To a Precipice goes;

Where, a Leap from above

Wou'd soon finish his Woes.

When in Rage he came there,

Beholding how steep

The Sides did appear,

And the Bottom how deep;

His Torments projecting,

And sadly reflecting,

That a Lover forsaken

A new Love may get;

But a Neck, when once broken,

Can never be set;

And, that he cou'd die

Whenever he wou'd;

But, that he cou'd live

But as long as he cou'd:

How grievous soever

The Torment might grow,

He scorn'd to endeavour

To finish it so.

But Bold, Unconcern'd

At Thoughts of the Pain,

He calmly return'd

To his Cottage again.


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