The ambassador of the Duchy of Ferrara
wrote in code to Alfonso d'Este:
I advise Your Excellency of the announcement of the death of Lady Isabella; of which I

heard as soon as I arrived in Bologna, [and] has displeased as many as had the Lady

Leonora's; both ladies were strangled, one at Cafaggiolo and the other at Cerreto. Lady

Leonora was strangled on Tuesday night; having danced until two o'clock, and having

gone to bed, she was surprised by Lord Pietro [with] a dog leash at her throat, and after

much struggle to save herself, finally expired. And the same Lord Pietro bears the sign,

having two fingers of his hand injured by [them being] bitten by the lady. And if he had not

called for help two wretches from Romagna, who claim to have been summoned there

precisely for this purpose, he would perhaps have fared worse. The poor lady, as far as we

can understand, made a very strong defence, as was seen by the bed, which was found all

convulsed, and by the voices which were heard by the entire household. As soon as she

died, she was placed in a coffin prepared there for this event, and taken to Florence in a

litter at six o'clock in the morning, led by those from the villa,  and accompanied with eight

white tapers [carried] by six brothers and four priests; she was interred as if she were a