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My One and Only Poem


Amelia Cooke


NOTE:  This was originally entered in a Worst Poem Contest  years ago  as an attempt to write poetry.  Since it did not win, or get honorable mention, I gave up on the effort  ---  My poetry isn't even  good  enough to be  bad.



It was a dark and stormy night,

When Heathcliff  went to fight,

To save his love, Millicent,

Who became a homeless transient.

Although Milly loved him deeply,

Around his friends she felt so cheaply.

While Cliff looked high and low,

Milly tried to stow

Aboard a boat that was ready,

To sail for the South of Italy.

He called her name into the storm,

Milly !    Milly !

Until his throat was worn.

As weeks went by,

Cliff  heaved a sigh,

And mourned for his Milly lost.

So, no matter whatever  the cost,

To help him forget,

He booked a trip for Europe, then on to Tibet.

One day while walking on a street in Milan,

Cliff saw a young lady with a beautiful tan.

My God !   I must be dreaming  --- really !

I think she looks just like Milly !

Could it be true ?

This far across the Blue ?

Milly, Milly is that you ?

Oh, Cliff !    My Cliff !   I missed you so,

But could not bare to live so low.

I came here to change my life.

To get away from all that strife.

Cliff took her in his arms and held her tight.

Never again would she be far from his sight.

Like on that dark and stormy night.

*** The End ***


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