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Written in the Stars ?

A look at Lord Byron's Planet Alignment

Amelia Cooke

The art of casting horoscopes started in  ancient times and has never lost it's appeal.  Yet there are those that scoff at astrology;  even I have at times, after reading a weird prediction from  a magazine or paper.

I decided to take a quick look at the planets relating to my favorite poet, Lord Byron, and the result amazed me with it's description of Byron's life.  Therefore, I am sharing it with you, the reader.

Not being an Astrologer,  I depend on the "do-it-yourself "  guide books.  There is one book in particular that I like for charting horoscopes, and have used this for the experiment.   It gives you all the tools, including planet configurations and blank horoscope sheets, except of course, the information that you need to provide.  The book is entitled, " Heaven Knows What " written by Grant Lewi, and first published in 1935.

Lewi's words are so much better than any I could use to summarize it, so the following is a "quote" for each alignment found.   You will find that this does not list all  planets due to lack of access to some of the 1700's records.   Nevertheless, those familiar with  Byron, will be able to note the comparison of his life with the stars --- and, perhaps, be inspired to delve further into the mysteries of the planets.


Lord George Gordon Byron

Born:  January 22, 1788, London, England   -----   Died:  April 19, 1824, Missolonghi, Greece


You are an ultra-social person, needful of companionship and very sensitive, both in your own feelings and perceptions and with regard to the feelings of others. You have an almost uncanny faculty for responding to other people, with the result that you are extremely popular. You probably have unusual hereditary endowments and positions, but this doesn't prevent you from endearing yourself to those in all walks of life. For there's a touch of the true democrat here that all the sheltering in the world cannot down. Servants love you and you do much to deserve their love. In worldly matters this quality has a good commercial value, you are able to be yourself without equivocation and at the same time to make people like you and pay you well.  Thus, whether you are in business, politics, or the arts, you appeal to a wide circle. You are tactful in speech and writing and able to calculate nicely the effect of what you say. Your impulses and intuitions bear the stamp of practical good sense, although your ideas are likely to be visionary. You feel with far greater accuracy than you think; your creations have emotional rather than intellectual appeal. This doesn't mean that you haven't a good mind, for your mind is quick, facile, penetrating, with a touch of the inspirational; but it does mean that your emotions are capable of running away with your intellect and of leading you into paths that are not rationally defensible. You are a romantic, and no matter in what walk of life or occupation you may be found, a personal adventurous feeling underlies all that you say or do or think.


You have an extremely complex emotional nature subject to dejection, depression of spirits, and discontent arising from emotional causes. This usually goes back to your childhood, and the cold or unsympathetic treatment of you by one or both parents which has tended to warp your emotional nature. You are sensitive and have been hurt much too easily, so that you have withdrawn into yourself and give the appearance of being detached and a little hard -- which of course you are not. You have a somewhat sacrificial attitude toward love matters, believing that pain and suffering are the lot of those who love; and a liberal dose of self-pity generally accompanies this position. Your emotional troubles arise not only from the unkindness of others, but also from your somewhat suspicious attitude toward those who love you, which irritates and angers them and in the end may cause them to act toward you in just the manner you don't wish -- a sort of  "that which I have feared hath come upon me"  condition. It is true that you have been imposed on in the past, but you must not judge all men or women by the few people who have disappointed you, and you should cultivate trust in those you love. You are extremely loyal -- in fact, loyalty is a god to you. You will stick to someone long after he (she) has ceased to love you or you to love him (her). Divorce is rare with this position, not because you are happy but because you are conventional and have a grim determination to bear all in silence rather than go through the "ignominy" of the courts. There is a tendency to marry beneath your station, either socially or intellectually, or to marry someone for purposes of reform - which isn't likely to work at all.


You are one of the outstanding people of your circle. You are a character, with markedly individualistic traits, original, fearless in thought and expression, a trifle eccentric, uncompromisingly independent. Given a choice of two modes of conduct, a usual and an unusual, you will unhesitatingly select the unusual, the unconventional, the aggressive. You lean to the bizarre, the revolutionary, the daring, so that in a constructive, creative, or executive horoscope, you become an important person, respected for your intelligence and authority, and somewhat feared because no one ever knows what you are likely to do next.  So idealistic and expansive is your mental outlook that money is of secondary importance to you, though you know how to spend it --- or rather, how not to hang on to it.  You are emotionally erratic, sure to have a large fund of experience, and some difficulty in marriage through the outbursting of your temperament.

In a man's horoscope you are sure to have at least one wife who will bring out the worst of this configuration.  You run to odd, strange, unconventional associates, and will probably at some time link yourself with the oddest and most intractable person you can find.  This position gives you tense nerves, and a continuous strain seems to be on you so that, unless controlled and guided, your health suffers from nervous ailments that can amount to neurosis.  Your intellectual potentialities are tremendous and depend for their development on your control of the eccentric, erratic, emotional, and nervous elements in your nature which are so destructive to integrated progress.


This adds to the spiritual insight, increasing any latent intuitive faculties and enabling you to give practical application to your hunches. Aids creative artists by adding charm and facility to their expression and by making it salable. Helps business men by enabling them to follow their hunches to good advantage. Aids all those who deal with people (professional men, politicians) by adding a peculiar magnetism to the personality and makes them appear jovial, humanitarian, and charitable.


This aspect accompanies spiritual thought and spiritual leadership and is found in the executives of the Church and of spiritual and occult organizations as well as occasionally among great military leaders who have an unusually magnetic personal hold over their men. It gives you a spiritual insight into the affairs of earth, and a practical viewpoint about ideas of heaven. You are conscious of the two worlds which are not separate entities to you but related and integrated parts of the same whole. Thus, in strong executive horoscopes, this spirituo-practical approach gives your personality the ring of authenticity and divine right. You speak "not as the Scribes and Pharisees, but as one having authority," and you somewhat overawe those who come in contact with you. Whatever possibilities your horoscope shows, this will lend subtle but powerful force to it and give you a grip on the minds and hearts of men that is invaluable.


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