Diary of S.C. 177

Oct 1st - Dec 20th


December Entries

Dec 1

Capt. From 322 took our ship out, while our Capt. Was gone to Paris, and broke our wireless down.

Dec 2

On duty at Point du Cuspolagis as harbor inspecter and 143 broke her mast down this afternoon.

Dec 3

Same duty as yesterday and water nice and calm.

Dec 4

Stand by today, no liberty, general work and detail.

Dec 5

Duty today, made another trip to Point du C., returned at 4:00 PM and went ashore.

Dec 6

On duty the same place, took supplies to signal sta. at Point du C., returned to Brest at 8 PM and got mail.

Dec 7

At Brest got news that 177 was going to be [missing] to the French govt. and we are to go back to the states.

Dec 8

Relieved of all duty, general detail, paint and clean up the old hack so she will be sold.

Dec 9

Pay day, drawed 76 Franc's, painted ship, getting her ready all right.

Dec 10

Ship all painted, going to have inspection tomorrow to see if the French takes her, liberty tonight.

Dec 11

Stayed in bed this morning till 10:30 AM for it was raining, stayed on ship this afternoon and made a bath room matt.

Dec 12

Got up at 7:30 AM and scrubbed deck and got ready to dress ship for tomorrow, finished my matt today, went over on French ship and got some wine.

Dec 13

Got up at 7:30 AM, cleaned up and went to meet the president, he came in at 2:00 PM, we accompanied him to the docks while all the battle ships fired salutes, so when we got to the dock half of us went ashore and saw him then I came back to the ship, it was sure a great day.

Dec 14

Got up at 8:00 AM and scrubbed down decks and ate chow, rec. mail from home and Will, saw a friend that I met at a party, then I stayed on board and wrote letter then turned in my bunk.

Dec 15

Got up at 8:00 AM, scrubbed down and ate chow, had scrambled eggs for chow, went down and read a book, had 12-4 watch tonight so I read book on watch.

Dec 16

Got up at 8:00 AM, scrubbed down and painted the deck, then read book all day and then went to sleep.

Dec 17

Got up at 9:00 AM and had eggs for chow then got ready to sell the ship then I soaked some clothes to wash then went to bed.

Dec 18

Got up at 8:00 AM, ate chow, then went to bed again till 3 PM then we took the ship over to ammunition shed and took off amm. then I washed all my clothes and turned in.

Dec 19

Got ready to leave the good old ship, left her at 2:30 PM and went to the Chateau de Brest and stand by for draft for the states.

Dec 20

Got up at 5:30 AM and got ready to leave when they told us we had to stay over cause we were regulars, only 5 of us had to stay, was a sad day to leave the crew, we went and put in a request to go back to Plymouth, England, but failed, they send us to the USS Wickes for peace duty in Germany.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 

The end of my time on a sub chaser.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

If found please return to -

Mrs. Geo. Bankson
2650 Linden st.
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cities in my Travels*

Washington D.C.

New York City


Fall River Mass.

Phila. Pa.


Foreign Ports

Bermuda Is.

Azores  Is.

BREST  France


Scilly Islands  Eng.

Gibraltar  Spain

Falmouth Eng.

Torquay Eng.

Dartsmouth  Eng.

Soulcome  Eng.

Weymouth  Eng.

Portland Eng.


Portsmouth  Eng.

Penzance  Eng.

PARIS  France

Bordeax  France


Queenstown  Ireland

ROSYTH  Scotland

Copenhagen  Denmark


Swinemunde  Germany

DANZIG  Germany

Newfahrwasser Germany

Edinburgh  Scotland

Glasgow  Scotland

Queensferry  Scotland

Brunsmittel Germany

Hamburg Germany

Kiel canal + Kiel Germany

*NOTE: The capitalized names all had a mark in front of them. Facing pages that matched up had marks going to:

Training station - New Port, Rhode Island

Left for Europe - Norfolk, Virginia

Thanksgiving dinner - Brest, France

Armistice signed - Plymouth, England

5 days leave - London, England

7 days leave - Paris, France

First foreign port - Liverpool, England

Christmas dinner - Rosyth, Scotland

New Years - Sassnitz, Germany

Our first snow storm Soap. (sife) - Danzig, Germany

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