Diary of S.C. 177

Oct 1st - Dec 20


November Entries

Nov 1

General work again, all hands working hard.

Nov 2

Getting ready to go back to base, at 2 PM shoved off for base, went to town and up to fair, got in a fight an sprained my wrist.

Nov 3

Underway to patrol our area, 4:00 PM at Land's End, had 4-9 & 1204 watch, very rough sea, got ready and went to Falmouth, entered at 6:00 AM.

Nov 4

Falmouth, very cold & windy, lots of rain.

Nov 5

Payday and still at Falmouth, got underway in a 50 mile gale, wind to strong, dropped anchor again.

Nov 6 

Retured to base, got paid and went to shore, had a good time at rink.

Nov 7

Went to YMCA and heard good lecture and slept all night at YMCA.

Nov 8

Went to shore, town was packed, rumor out that peace was declared, every body drunk.

Nov 9

On watch this morning, went ashore and fought with a limie, beat him in 4 rounds.

Nov 10

Underway to a port up the coast, Torquay, went to town then found a rink, got a girl and took her home then returned to ship.

Nov 11

Underway at 8:00 AM for Dartsmouth, very nice place, all hands ashore, had a good time, went through a castle build 1000 years ago.

Nov 12

Underway to Souleome, another beautiful place, no liberty, got a radio to return to base that armistice was signed, underway for base at 11:00 AM, arrived at base at 2:00 PM, Admiral of base gave us a lecture and let us all go to town.

Nov 13

Liberty, went ashore and had another good time.

Nov 14

Went to shore and met John Groth and sure did enjoy that evening.

Nov 15

Up to roller rink, had a good time, took a girl home and returned to ship.

Nov 16

Stayed on a ship and washed all my clothes.

Nov 17

Borrowed a pound from my friend and went ashore and had a good time.

Nov 18

Liberty again went ashore then to the rink.

Nov 19

Pay day to-day, all hands went on liberty.

Nov 20

Underway to Dartmouth, got there at 11:00 AM, got liberty and had a good time.

Nov 21

Return to Plymouth and got ready to go to Brest, France.

Nov 22

Land sighted at 10:00 AM, entered harbor at 4:30 PM, the place looks fine, we are supposed to sell the boats to the French.

Nov 23

Went ashore in Brest for my first time, I like the place, but I don't savvy that talk.

Nov 24

Stayed on board ship, for I don't like that lingo, but there is pretty girls there.

Nov 25

On watch tonight and big washing to do, so I did it.

Nov 36

Went to YMCA and saw a good moving picture.

Nov 27

Took on gas and saw a lot of German prisoners then went back to the dock and helped the cook bake pie and clean turkies for tomorrow.

Nov 28

Had 3 turkeys and almost every thing you can think of.

Nov 29

Our ship on guard, got relieved at noon, got ready and went to Y.

Nov 30

Same duty today, all quiet and nice.

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