Diary of S.C. 177

Oct 1st - Dec 20


October Entries

Oct 1

Out with A.L.  a sub for listening practice, also target practice, 5 hits made, returned to base at 3:00 PM, liberty at 5:00 PM, recalled to shift at 9:30 PM for patrol sub near hear, underway at 12:00 PM.

Oct 2

On patrol about 20 miles from Plymouth, very windy, cool sea and rather choppy.

Oct 3 

Plymouth again, liberty at 1:00 PM, good time at rink.

Oct 4

Liberty today, very nice weather, good time at show tonight.

Oct 5

Pay day, going tonight with my girl.

Oct 6

Sunday, chicken dinner, H.M. welch guards at Hot.

Oct 7

Went to shore, then to show and saw Cleopatra, then return to ship at 11 PM.

Oct 8

Out for patrol 4 days, very bad weather, sea breaking over chart house, went out with a convoy of 26 ships, sea rough, put into Falmouth for the night.

Oct 9

143 ran into a sub net, underway at 7:30 AM, proceeded to Scilly Islands, arrived at 5:00 PM, laid too overnight, heavy Sun fire all night.

Oct 10

At Scilly Is. all day, very quiet, 9:30 PM underway to patrol certain area, very rough sea.

Oct 11

Listening all day, 11:30 PM heard U-boat running, got good fix on him when he stopped, heard him 4:00 AM Oct 12, got underway and dropped 3 bombs and good bye -- Fritz --

Oct 13

Got news of peace but not official, yet we returned to base, all quiet, liberty at 1:00 PM.

Oct 14

Work till noon, got liberty at 1:00 PM, going to show tonight.

Oct 15

Went on liberty at 4:00 PM, chasers & base restricted on account of fight with limies, at 5:00 PM got liberty and my Jane took to the show.

Oct 16

Underway at 8:00 AM for patrol with USS Parker, drifting patrol all day and night till 11:45 PM then got message that sub was seen near Wolfes Light, got there to find an English sub on patrol.

Oct 17

Saw a German aeroplane drop in north sea at 10:00 PM, destroyer captured it, drifting patrol all night.

Oct 18

Underway, back to our old hunting grounds, passed Land's End at 11:45 AM, fine day but rather windy, passed convoy of 52 ships at about 1:00 PM, drifting patrol alnight.

Oct 19

Underway, running patrol, this morning got a radio that sub was around Lizzard's Head light, nothing seen of him, retruned to Plymouth that night.

Oct 20

Pay day, I drawed 4 pounds then I got underway and when I did I sure did have some time in town this night.

Oct 21

Went to town again, took my Jane to the show, then took her home and got into a fight with her father.

Oct 22

Liberty again, took my girl for a walk but didn't take her home, then return to the ship with Salty the cook.

Oct 23

Underway at 6:00 AM, convoyed ships all day & all night, arrived in Gibraltar, Spain, at 9:45 AM Oct 24 then returned to Plymouth area.

Oct 25

Underway at 7:00 AM, big convoy seen at 10:00 AM, 62 ships in all, passed Wolfes Light then Land's End, come near Scilly Is., drifting all night.

Oct 26

Running patrol till 10:00 AM, then drifting patrol till 5:00 PM of Lizzard Head, drifting 14 miles off Land's End, got underway 10 miles off Scilly Is. 8:00 PM, general quarters till 10:00 PM, sub seen at 11:30 PM and we had general quarters till 11:00 AM Oct 27 when we heard Fritz get underway, then we got underway and circles him till 2:00 PM, then got cross bearings on him and dropped 12 cans of T.N.T. on the poor little Fritzies, sub reported badly damaged.

Oct 28

Plymouth at 8:00 AM, got more cans and turned in reports of sub, then we got credit from Admiral of base for our good work.

Oct 29

Took off ammunition and went to dry dock at 11:00 AM, painting shift till 4:30 PM, liberty at 5:00 PM, went to Devonport and had good time.

Oct 30

Dry dock, all hands turn too cleaning up ship for inspection.

Oct 31

General work, all hands busy.

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