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( A "What if" story )

Russ Gibbons

A King wins a war and conquers much of Europe many centuries ago, changing most of the lives on the continent.

Fifty years earlier when his mother was a princess, she was sitting in the forest, pulling pedals off a daisy --- "he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, " ---  when her future husband walked up to her.

The season before, a butterfly is pollinating flowers,  and ready to land on a daisy.  At that moment, a tiny gust of wind pushes a leaf off a tree, which falls near the butterfly and scares him off.

What if . . . the Butterfly didn't pollinate the daisy that had the right number of pedals to end with  "he loves me ", and the princess married someone else, and had a different child, who grew up and didn't win those wars.

The world as we know it would be totally different today, based on how a single leaf fell.


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