Rheal's  Art work
( c. 1971 - 1972 )

The following  is the work of  someone I had known years ago.  He was a Vietnam Vet convalescing at the Veterans Hospital in California.  I was very impressed by his sketches, and I really appreciate the prints made for me  at the time.  Wondering what ever became of him, and if  he continued with his art, I checked  the Internet search engines, but without a last name ( I only knew him as Rheal ) it wasn't successful.

The originals prints  are 8 x 10 and  these scanned copies are not as good as the originals, but if you click on each sketch to enlarge it, you can see the details . . . and all those individual details in the fantasy sketches  are truly artistic.

For enlargement click on pics

Rheal's art - Sketch OneRheal's art - Sketch TwoRheal's art - Sketch Three

Rheal's art - Sketch FourRheal's art - Sketch FiveRheal's art - Sketch Six


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