Top 13 best books to learn korean of all time 2020

Top 13 best books to learn korean of all time 2020

What are the best books to learn Korean?

Whether you are an enthusiastic newcomer or need some inspiration, then Readytogoebooks could inspire you! Junbihalgeyo? Gachi ga ja! (Are you prepared? Let us go!)


How to Pick a Book to Learn Korean:


Unless you are an experienced language student, deciding upon a book that works for your private learning approach can be confusing, particularly when there are a lot of books that are available to you. To find out what to search for in your perfect language publication, read on!

Which Aspect Of Your Language Could Be The Priority? Consider the Content or focus of this novel

Reading, listening, writing, and talking skills are essential in regards to vocabulary learning, but there can be some aspects you would like to learn over others. Consequently, if your objective is to just improve on a specific ability, then you may want to get books that include or concentrate on, this particular content. Listed below are the main classes:

1. Sufficient Exercises or a Separate Book Will Help You Master the Hangul Alphabet

When most books are going to have an introductory chapter in Hangul, it does not necessarily direct and instruct you to write Hangul step by step. Really, you might always self-learn Hangul using online tools, but finding one that suits you’ll be able to require a good deal of time, and you will require the self-discipline to find out it.

As an alternative, you might go to get a Hangul exercise novel, where all of the vital substances are ready for you. They will consist of many procedures that will assist you to recall and write Hangul properly, in a way that will inspire you more to learn the language.

2. Look for Grammatical Content to Improve All Aspects of the Language

Some students like to concentrate on understanding and the proper use of grammar as with time, ideally, you will then have the ability to produce flawless paragraphs, whether or not written. Besides, you will get a better comprehension when reading fiction or texts in Korean, also.

If that is the priority, then we recommend Searching for language publications which teach you new punctuation in each chapter

3. Express Yourself With Books That Focus on Vocabulary or Verb Expansion

Some students like to concentrate on language or verb growth because you’ll then have the ability to call unique items such as a local and express yourself using much more appropriate verbs that match the circumstance. A dictionary in the back of this publication may also assist with this.

If it sounds like something you want to include, select language books which have a considerable quantity of content on language or verbs, especially if it’s accompanied with example sentences that you may efficiently apply to your talking or writing.

4. Look for Both English and Korean Text If You’re Aiming to Translate Flawlessly

A lot of men and women enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of having the ability to interpret a foreign language perfectly because this not merely indicates you have learned the language well, but you can now help individuals who can not speak it be that if traveling or as a livelihood.

To attain this, you can begin using books that provide both Korean and English text, which allow you to slowly work in your translation abilities.

Whilst there are heaps of stuff to interpret online, it is often a little too hard when there is not a model response with reference. Just some novels incorporate the replies within the translation department, so make sure you look after this.

5. A Focus on Understanding and Speaking Conversationally Will Have You Chatting Like a Local

Everybody’s dream is to talk a foreign language just like a neighborhood rather than sounding as if you are reading directly out of a textbook. However, while you’re able to attain this by bringing K-dramas or practicing using a native speaker, then it is a lot easier to understand through reading stuff. This applies to visual learners especially.

There are books out there that concentrate on instructing practical and useful sentences with dialog, which means it is possible to use what you’ve learned in real-life scenarios. All you want is to get the confidence on your listening skills and perfect your skill to talk!

Are You of a Visual or Audio Learner? Attempt Books With Creative Layouts and Bonus CD or Documents

Everyone has different tastes when entering new information in their mind – you may be a visual learner that specializes in visual stimulation to absorb and retain new information, or maybe you’re a sound student who is based heavily on spoken or sound input.

As a visual learner, books with lots of photos and pictures or the ones that are color-printed will probably be most suitable for you, since you’re capable of fast linking language with a specific vision. You might even prefer an eBook on a conventional tome, so check to find out if your preferred name is available digitally.

As an audio student, elect for novels with access to sound materials like additional CDs or downloadable electronic files. These tools are in reality a wise addition for many students, because they may hone your pronunciation and listening abilities.

There is not a wrong or right method of entering information, it is just about which approaches will allow you to succeed when studying.

Top 13 best books to learn Korean Brands 2020

Top 13 best books to learn Korean Brands 2020

Until lately, Korean was a very rare speech for Westerners to find out. But as a result of the accelerated economic growth of South Korea, also raising interest in Korean culture in the past few decades seem to have contributed to more Korean learning materials being made available (Korean Dramas and K-Pop).

It is a fact that textbooks are not any substitute for immersion into the language through culture (films, dramas, podcasts, and music), and of course, practice speaking with native speakers. But a fantastic textbook provides you the bases to utilize, by instructing your grammar, the way to construct sentences, pronunciation rules, and also how to browse.

We did locate some super helpful novels that assisted us to get began with this hard but gorgeous language. Listed below are 13 of the best books to learn Korean which we have come across for studying Korean

1. Korean Made Easy A newcomer’s guide to understanding the Hebrew speech by Billy Go

The first book takes you from the beginning by studying Hangul, how it was formed and from whom, and how to write it properly.

Following that, every chapter extends progressively further from principles such as saying hello all how to verbs, adjectives, numbers, and colors.

2.500 Basic Korean Verbs from Kyubyong Park

This publication is the only complete guide to the right use of Korean verbs offered for English-speaking pupils.

Every one of those 500 high-frequency Korean verbs is introduced in a handy single-page format which provides the verb’s meaning and pronunciation and exhibits that the verb’s 48 chief tenses, address levels, and moods (all accompanied by organizations). Also included are a useful guide to the Korean speech and language conjugation, reference tables of fundamental Korean verb forms, and three indicators (Romanized, Hangeul, and English).

500 Fundamental Korean Verbs Contains:

  • Conjugations by stressed, address levels, and disposition.
  • “Model verb” system immediately identifies each verb’s design.
  • Sample paragraphs demonstrating that the verb’s appropriate usage.
  • Free downloadable sound provides pronunciations for your verbs and 1,000 illustration paragraphs.
  • Korean characters (Hangul) and romanized pronunciations to help English speakers.
  • A two-color layout makes quick reference simple.

3. Korean Slang: Just as a Rat’s Tail by Peter N. Liptak

What I love about the novel is that it adds an element of comedy together with fun characters to liven up the brief course. Additionally, it breaks down every slang term/phrase in groups such as:

  • Slang for everyday usage
  • Not for casual use
  • Expressions used while ingesting
  • Swearing

Additionally, there are several more that go beyond the fundamentals and into more sophisticated or more”Taboo” topics should you get my drift. From the real course, a word or phrase is introduced, then you will find cases given in the Korean context which actually helps a whole lot.

4. Talk To Me In Korean Workbook Level 1 by TalkToMeInKorean

Speak to Me Korean is made to be a thorough guide to the Korean language. The book includes several different segments, which starts with classes designed to teach the fundamentals of Korean. When you’ve mastered the basic principles, the book progresses to more intermediate amounts.

Along with written classes, speak to Me in Korean features multimedia analysis aides like MP3s, e-books, and movie clips.

5. Become a Hangeul Master by TalkToMeInKorean

Become a Hanguel Master has just one very specific purpose: instructing you to find out the Hangeul design font (that is like the font used in alternative 2). The Hangeul ribbon is frequently utilized on your favorite K-dramas, and also the most dedicated fans may have trouble knowing just what the play is saying since they can not know the font itself.

The publication covers the foundation of this language and significant Korean slang. In addition, it reviews the stroke order of all those 40 Hangeul letters and shows how those letters have to be combined so as to form syllables.


If you are studying Korean to pass a language test, this is the best textbook for you. This textbook is intended to be the ideal prep material you want if you would like to try at a proficient level in Korean.

The language lists in this publication also include model paragraphs, assisting you to know how the phrases are used in context. Perhaps the main characteristic of this publication is your sample test questions. And you may practice with preceding examinations, and that means you are well prepared as soon as your Korean language test comes.

7. Seoul National University’s Korean

You will learn Korean with this publication through its detailed summary of grammar and vocabulary.

The book balances entertaining interactions, challenges, construction, and abundant content. All classes have their own records on CD which are also downloaded. And this book enables you to adjust the problem of your lessons according to your fluency.

8. Let’s Study Korean

You’ll find well over 600 questions in the publication. The questions include the simple Korean alphabet, kinds of sentences, grammar, vocabulary, reading, adjectives, and honorifics.

The general intention of the publication is to develop a deeper understanding than could be provided by additional Korean textbooks. Questions include fundamental Korean grammar, language drills, Hangeul spelling, and overall understanding concepts

9. Integrated Korean

Catering to all levels of fluency, Integrated Korean presents reliable courses to students. It’s possible to use all ten volumes of this string to acquire from novice to proficient.

It uses authentic stuff, contextualization, powerful skill acquisition. The textbook uses a four-skill approach using a step-by-step procedure to help students learn the Hebrew language. The article also integrates situational-based lessons with assistance from ample examples which will help You Realize the context better

10. Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner to Early Intermediate

As the name suggests this textbook is acceptable for students that are entirely new for Korean. But, intermediate degree students may even find it useful. Should you require a reference or an overview of a specific portion of the Korean Bible, this book is a superb resource.

Although grammar courses can be quite dry, this book does its very best to make it enjoyable and simple to comprehend. Using images and images could certainly help with that. If you’d like a novel where the explanations are simple and provide useful illustrations, Korean Grammar in Use is a great alternative.

11. Instant Korean by Boye Lafayette De Mente

Learning Phrases by Memorisation Throughout 100 Topics!

This phrasebook is pocket-sized, which makes it effortless to carry around with you constantly. With 100 distinct topics, you are going to learn some vocab from every motif followed by helpful sentences that could be implemented in real-life situations. Perfect to bring along while traveling in Korea!

While this name relies heavily on memorization and does not have any examples nor sound materials, it might not suit people who wish to construct their abilities from a solid base. But it is a fantastic choice when you’ve got some comprehension of this language and are looking for some easy conversational exchange.

12. Elementary Korean by Ross King

Challenge Your Skills From Assessing Translation

This book has quite an organized material, so even after a couple of chapters you’ll have mastered reading Hangul and possess the fundamental skills to learn and also ask questions from Korean. In every exercise, there is a translation department that ensures you are going to learn the Korean/English equal properly.

Even though it’s very true and succinct, a number of the language and manners of talking demonstrated within this publication are a tiny old-fashioned, which means you may seem slightly odd when speaking to younger Koreans if that is your goal!

13. Korean Stories For Language Learners from Julie Damron

Story Time With Conventional Korean Folktales

Who does not enjoy storytime? With the assistance of all English translations, you’re going to have the ability to learn a good deal of vocab and verbs while studying Korean folktales. Not just you will understand that the Korean culture, but every story is accompanied by a perception exercise, the perfect way to practice your writing and reading abilities!

With 42 stories contained and also an audio CD, the folk stories gradually grow in length, ensuring that you steadily progress in your speech travel. You always have the option to read the stories in your own speed also, needless to say.


Having the ability to speak a foreign language, even only a couple of sentences is quite exciting and drastically closes up the space between individuals with different cultural histories. Next time you see Korea, you’re going to be shocked by exactly how many sailors respond to you using a significant grin when you test your new communication and vocabulary!

So pick a textbook (or 2 ) that seems interesting for you personally, use it frequently, and match it with a number of learning methods. So why don’t you begin learning today?

잘 해보세요! (Good luck!)

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