Top 19 Best Christian Children’S Books Of All Time 2020

best christian children's books

Are you looking for quality books for kids in your house that build character? If you are tired of poor content to your kids in the children’s books department and have been into the publication, we know!

Grace & Truth Books choose books that are solid for youngsters at the family, full of reality, powerful on character construction, in philosophy. Inspiring stories which will call your children to enjoy the delight and the Lord in His reality, and grow them in their walk with Him and their faith in the Christ.

Here I will review the Best Christian Children’S Books Of All Time for your choice.

best christian children's books

Top 19 Rated Best Christian Children’S Books To Read 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Primera Parte — Five Cops
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Midnight Sun
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The Greatest Showman
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Among the collection of favorite children’s Christian books would be”FOX & Friends” sponsor Ainsley Earhardt’s”Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream,” a publication which”inspires kids to follow their passions and dreams.”

The publication features a fantastic chance for parents, and life lessons for children to get in touch with their kids. What is more from the description:

“Take Heart, My Child” is a lyrical lullaby, and Ainsley shares her own fantasies and dreams, and allows her kid to understand that whatever challenges life brings, “Take heart, my child, I’ll –, my love will–consistently be there for you.” It is a concept to.


Children’s novels about Christmas are constant additions to children’s collections. Writer Nola Buck’s”Christmas in the Manger” provides a lovely telling of Christ’s arrival — just one which kids will genuinely relate to.

What is more from the description:

The elegance of the Christmas narrative is currently available as a board book. This book is ideal for the kid to be part of the miracle of the Nativity.

Grandparents, parents, and caregivers have adopted this. Do not miss this gorgeous book.


Ainsley Earhardt’s second children’s novel, “Through Your Eyes: My kid’s Gift to Me,” offers another strong reminder to children and parents, equally, to pause, stop and reflect on the wonder all around us.

Earhardt’s publication is among the most effective recent Christian children’s novels which helps readers celebrate”everyday wonders and wonders.” What is more:

Ainsley Earhardt reflects her experiences as a mom and seeing wonders of the world through a child’s eyes… So frequently as we race, we all need the wisdom and perspective of a kid to remind us what’s important and what needs to be remembered and celebrated: the everyday joys and joys and easy pleasures of everyday life. Our kids wake our own child and teach us.


There is nothing effective and more important than a children Bible If it comes to children’s novels. This magnificent Bible by writer Janice Emmerson is a must-have. Filled with almost 300 pages of examples and Bible stories that are strong, it is a book worth adding to your children’s collection.

The publication description promises to”catch even the youngest child’s heart and imagination.”


Writer Matthew Paul Turner has among those other children’s books your children will appreciate. Back in”If God Made You,” children learn invaluable lessons about their value.

Along with finding purpose and finding their own gifts, this children’s book can help readers find out more. What is more:

From early on, children are currently searching to find their location in yearning and the entire world to comprehend abilities, traits, and their characters fit in. The confidence which they’re deeply loved and also a special invention within our huge universe is sure to help them spread their wings and fly.

Through energetic, charming rhyme and vibrant, fantastical illustrations, “When God Made You” motivates young readers to find out in their own unique gifts and how they fit into God’s divine plan since they develop, research, and start to make for themselves.

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This is only one of the children’s books that are Christian that are most effective while seeking to help a child know the coming of a new sibling to use. Writer Lisa Tawn Bergren produces a gorgeous narrative in”God Gave Us Two” which is ideal for expectant and new parents, alike. What is more:

“God Gave Us You” supports a parent’s undying love to get a child and helps small ones take, love, and enjoy their new allies…

Gently and Mama and Papa guarantee their firstborn the new baby is a gift from God they need very much, as Small Cub was–and still is. “God gave us you. Now he has given us ”


Pastor Louie Giglio has among the finest Christian books for children in regard to the intersection of science and faith. Giglio’s”100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science” includes 100 brief readings that help kids associate with the Lord while considering His intriguing acts of development.

“It is not possible to out-imagine God. He orchestrates time, generates mild, also speaks things into life –from the biggest stars into the tiniest starfish,” the description reads. “God is a strong, purposeful, private, unparalleled Creator.”

If you’re searching for Christian children’s books which will help your children gain an understanding of the world when linking with the Almighty, this devotional is your Christian children’s publication for you.


“Goodnight Ark” is another among those Christian children books you’ll want to enhance your collection. Writer Laura Sassi informs the narrative of his epic poem ark and Noah. The description of the book has more:

“Goodnight, Ark,” tells the story of Noah and the animals as they attempt to maneuver through the storm that’s raging outside. However, if the storm gets louder boars, quails, dinosaurs, snakes, and some other furry friends join Noah in bed, making quite the commotion! Writer Laura Sassi brings a fresh dimension to a few of the Bible’s most Well-known stories, providing a beautiful glimpse into the psychological bond between Noah and the creatures in his automobile

God Always Keeps His Promises

Max Lucado writes for kids and adults. In this children’s version of this mature book, he climbs on God’s love, faithfulness, and may toward Bible characters.

Why is this our Christian book for children? Kids will need to understand from a young age that God loves them over their tiny minds could imagine.

Reading Christian kid’s books such as this is the ideal way to love God’s love for Bible characters such as Abraham and Paul (amongst others). Children between ages 8 and 4 would adore this one.

I Can Only Imagine

Illustrations are. Has your child asked you what paradise looks like?

I wager your very best tried to describe. However, the illustrated book of Bart Millard will present. The very best aspect of the color book is the author encourages children to become Jesus’ friends although he can’t be seen by them.

The Winter War

Next on our list of kids that are Christian that are high books is bestselling writer Priscilla Shirer’s adventure-filled read.

Middle-graders that are learning to get their heads will probably be fascinated with all the Prince Warriors trilogy since it highlights the necessity to stay strong in the face of a storm that is ferocious and trials.

God Made You Special

Every child is a blessing. And they should hear this daily. The Berenstain Series is a most-loved collection. Mike Berenstain motivates children to appreciate their uniqueness working with the narrative of cubs and bears.

Mama assists Sister recognize that Tommy is good using baseless as others since God gave every one of us.

This book remains one of my favorite Christian kid’s books since it replenishes feelings of incompleteness and inferiority with gratitude and admiration.

No two kids are exactly the same, and you ought to help your child accept other people and discover that this that he/she can learn how to enjoy themselves.

View more:

Prayed For You

Kids ages 4-8 will be delighted to understand through this book until they were born, which their mothers prayed to them. Mama Bear tells Baby Bear she asks him to keep her healthy and strong always prayed to God.

It is essential for your children to understand that prayer is essential to survival and their existence. This publication is essential for kids and parents. Why? May create one and kids can learn how to go during their lifetimes to God in prayer.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

In the center of my listing is timeless by C. S. Lewis. Representing Christ at Aslan and describing evil’s ability during the witch is just one of the greatest strategies to narrate the bad and good story that’s the crux of Christianity.

The Chronicles of Narnia will no doubt become a must-read. I am confident you agree.

God Gave Us You

Kids will need to understand they did not fall from the skies. And Lisa Tawn Bergren shows parents how to remind their children that”God gave you.”

Throughout keep cub narrative and the Mama Bear, Bergren generates. Next time you tuck your child read her this Christian kid’s publication.

She wants to understand she’s on God’s sight and your sight.

What is Prayer?

You know the reply. However, does your child understand? Valerie Carpenter’s book is a fantastic read that highlights its significance and explains prayer.

Are you wishing to help your child love the need to speak to God and listen from him anyplace and anytime? This 32-page publication is.

The Toddler’s Bible

Your baby is small to understand the narrative of creation, Noah, and the flood of Christ’s birth. With this particular Bible for toddlers, it is possible to help your kid to maintain God’s words.

V. Gilbert Beers and Claudine Gravy surely produced a powerful child’s version of the Bible using the easy-to-read text along with intriguing illustrations.

Noah’s Ark

Sally Lloyd-Jones paints the image of this time prior to the flood having an impressive ark-looking publication. That this novel tells kids to engage with the images of guy Noah and the critters.

Prayers and Promises for The Girl

It is wonderful bestselling author Stormie Omartian concentrates on girls, men, and children. This Christian book for kids contains prayers which mothers, fathers, and grandparents could declare for their children.

As your kid listens to the prayers and promises and says”amen,” her heart is likely to end up nearer to you and God. Illustrations have been by the book!

Prayers and Promises for My Boy

Our prayers for boys to develop into men who reveal the social and would direct the church the Lord’s way.

Reading the prayers will induce him to open his heart and pursue a life of faithfulness and holiness to God.

The Bottom Line

There is no denying the fact that you can find countless books in libraries and bookstores for kids. It’s important to pick the kid’s books that are Christian.

No child is too small to see or listen to their parents. Aside from the fact that studying Christ-like content develops your kids’ beliefs, their capacity is also strengthened by it.

Invite your kids to spend time studying books. Do they understand just how much they are loved by God but they love just how much they mean to you.

Would you know? I would be pleased to see you incorporate these below.

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