Top Best Dark Romance Books Reviews 2020

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Be cautioned! Including captivity, abduction, and kidnapping, this listing includes stories that are twisted and bizarre with antiheroes which will keep the pages turning. These novels are for you if you are eager to take a chance on a read. Take a look at our recommendations of  Best Dark Romance Books below, complete with publishers’ descriptions.

best dark romance books

Top Rated Best Dark Romance Books To Read 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Primera Parte — Five Cops
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Bestseller No. 2
Midnight Sun
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Bestseller No. 3
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Bestseller No. 4
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Bestseller No. 5
The Greatest Showman
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Bestseller No. 7
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Real Simple
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One For The Money
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Captive CJ Roberts from the Dark

Please heed all warnings. It is a string about captivity in EROTICIZED and a FICTIONAL. It contains scenarios, suspicious consent language, and manipulation.

Caleb is a guy with a singular fascination. Kidnapped as a young boy sold to captivity by a power-hungry mobster, he’s thought of nothing but vengeance. He has immersed himself looking for the 1 person he retains accountable. The architect of the anguish has surfaced with a new identity, but not a character. He kidnaps a woman to instruct her to be that he was and has to become if Caleb would be really to get close enough to attack.

Eighteen-year-old Olivia Ruiz has only awakened in a strange location. Jumped and blindfolded, a voice is. However he needs to be known as Master, his name is Caleb. Olivia is willful, lovely, naïve, and youthful. She’s though she attempts to achieve both a sensuality that can’t be concealed or refused. Although she’s frightened by the powerful, sadistic, and haughty guy who holds her captive, what retains Olivia awake in the dark is her undesirable attraction.

Born Sinner by S. L. Dennings

Twenty-two decades past, I had been cut out of a sodden uterus and cradled in poverty and the filth of the concrete arms of Chicago. I was not supposed to endure these roads.

Fate had another strategy.

I had been bred for a single purpose and one purpose only: to unleash destruction and death.

My ideas are on electricity.

My words are weapons.

Evil made me grace attempted to rescue me. But … they attempted to kill me.

They call themselves the Se7en. They’re salvation and sin, and what we have feared from the start of time. And their chief is the most deadly of all of them.

He does not lose.

He does not compromise.

And himself does not divert.

Not before me.

Kill a thousand to be saved by you.

That is exactly what I was told by him when I was taken by him.

Kill a thousand to be saved by you.

That is what he has been trying to inform himself since he took me.

His from Aubrey Dark

I never intended to be here: tied up beside a killer in bed.

As soon as I followed him I was playing with Nancy Drew. Searching for his secret out. His kiss was intoxicating, and that I thought that he was harmless.

I was incorrect.

Nancy Drew never ended up in a cellar teased. I ceased begging to be let go. I started begging to become HIS.

Writer’s Note: This is.

Crow from A. Zaverelli

He is a killer. A mobster.

The last person in the world I wish to be with. I will not lose my mind just because he is sexy, Irish, also includes an accent to boot up.

He is one of the few contributes to my friend’s disappearance, and that I do not trust him.

In regards to coping with Lachlan Crow so I have a couple of rules in mind.

Keep a clear mind and do not get diverted.

Do what is required and never forget why you are there.

Never fall due to him.

Fourth and last rule?

Throw the publication out. Since the rules do not apply in regards to the mafia.

Lachlan believes he owns me, although it was assumed to be momentary. He says he is not letting me move.

And I believe him.

Broken from W. Winters

By USA Today bestselling writer Willow Winters comes with an emotionally gripping, stand-alone, romantic suspense with a border of darkness.

I never thought such as the petals of a rose of lifestyle.

But they are so alike.

Delicate and smashed.

Broken… like he left me.

He could pluck off and there was nothing I can do accept my destiny and except be ruined.

That is what he can, he destroys what he rolls. Cold and ruthless hearted.

They gave him to me.

To split.

As he would like to do.

All because I had been in the wrong place at the wrong moment.

He grew addicted to the sense of plucking off at me. At leaving me nude and taking control.

And if I am honest with myself… I grew to appreciate it as well.

Whispers from the Dark

We had been bred in darkness. How else could we come to adore?

I had been seized…

That is only the start of my narrative. I have survived the misuse of Purgatory and death. Jacob saved me, although in that farmhouse I lost everything. We had been trapped in this hell giving the power to each other. I dropped with my captor’s son into shadow.

Until I left him.

She was great, my Alana. Brilliant and filled with pain. She fueled the flame and knew that my shadow. I waited to locate her After she left, and in her honor, men who shot away from innocents were murdered by me.

Then I discovered her…

She is deadly absolutely, and a killer too mines. She belongs in a cage, although it was amazing to behold. My cage. She will love me or I will expose her secrets for the entire world while moving down in flames along with her to find out.

Until death does us part, it’s most.

Caution: This publication is filled with causes. It black, with the wicked in love. People today die. They’re hurt. The bad guys get off, and there’s no apology for this.

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Dark Promises by Winter Renshaw

I’ve got a secret…

I do not care if you like me or not.

Lust for control and power runs thick in my veins. My dad served as President of the United States of America–along with his dad before him. Rule and Montgomery are created to lead, to dread nothing and cower to no person, to create allegiances, not buddies.

However, I digress.

Having a senate campaign about to establish and presidential ambitions in fever-pitch intensity, imagine my dismay when my strategist tells me that I Want to”settle down” using a”nice girl” to appeal to my constituents. 
 Input Rowan Aldridge, a head-turning stunner with a charm college walk, Jackie O. refinement, along with a well-connected family.

She is perfect.

So make her feel what I want her to think, and as I have secured my seat and soon as the campaign’s finished, I will launch my butterfly back.

But this is not that about all.

That is exactly what occurs when a villain falls in love.

Buttons & Lace from Penelope Sky

I owe a debt to him.

A significant one.

The payment can not be settled with cash or favors.

He just needs one thing.

Every activity receives a reward. A button. After I fill his jar wicarthree hundred and sixty-five buttons, then he will allow me to go.

He will allow me to walk off.

However, I must make each one.

By submitting to cruelest the strangest, and most beautiful guy I have ever known.

Kiss in the Dark

From Tiffany White

Brittany has been a crush affluent Ethan, but it is not until he blinded and puts an advertisement for a person to read which she gets up close and personal–real private.

Brittany, winds up studying, a publication editor Ethan stories, which fees the tension between these. But will the fire they discuss after Ethan’s sight is restored and he needs his storyteller?

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From Susan Andersen

Love becomes mortal by New York Times bestselling author Susan Andersen in this romantic suspense book. Emma winds up in the town of Port Flannery and takes her little girl.

There, she expects to conceal, but danger the danger knocking on her door. So does protective Sheriff Elvis Donnelly, a tall, rocky cop with a past of his own.

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Sexy Night

From Shannon McKenna

Sexy Night is a love that suspenseful and sizzling. Abby finds someone is following the treasure and will attempt to bring it by any means necessary, after obtaining a stone display in her tradition.

Realizing she is not secure, the locksmith, Zan of Abby, appoints herself. As hazard develops, so will the chemistry between Zan and Abby. Deception, greed, murder, and white-hot passion combine to make this novel an amazing read.

Read more:

Hush, Hush

From Becca Fitzpatrick

A New York Times bestselling paranormal love (and beginning of the set of the same title ), Hush, Hush will force you to think in shadowy forces. And smoking ones that are sexy, also.

High schooler Nora is tired –until a boy called Patch gets her focus. The patch is a fallen angel, complete with charm, mental abilities, and a great deal of spiritual bags.

Pushing the Limits

From Katie McGarry

Inside this RITA Award-nominated young adult romance book, Echo comes with experience. It is not till she befriends boy Noah she begins to feel known –and prepared to start up her heart.

If you prefer complicated, heartfelt love tales, you will be attracted to this publication, which bestselling writer Gena Showalter knew as”an edgy romance which attracts you in and never let us go.”


From Katy Regnery

Cassidy Porter is currently falling in love. It is not a romance –Cassidy’s father and he does not wish to attract someone. But love finds ways in this story of triumph and heartbreak.

The Pawn

From Skye Warren

Skye Warren’s gritty trilogy begins with The Pawn. Avery’s world comes crashing down and she is forced to sell her virginity. And Gabriel, the guy she offered it is the same individual who ruined her dad…and he may only be using Avery for much more revenge. Torn between hate and love, survival, and want, Gabriel and Avery play with a game within this novel.

Crown of Lies

From Pepper Winters

Pepper Winters has given us several love novels, from her Indebted show to Tears of Tess, the novel in her screenplay at the series. But we love this enthralling duet.

Many decades before, a guy she can not overlook rescued Elle. She’s expected to wed the man who needs her hands, Penn Everett. There is something familiar with Penn. If he was not concealed in a lot of lies…

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Tormentor Mine

From Anna Zaires

An assassin, Peter’s faced a catastrophe, and he’s out for revenge. Is Sara, who’s done nothing wrong but is connected to the men and women. Peter takes her in for questioning, scaring her senseless … but captivating her all the same. And after he has taken what he desires, Peter can not appear to let her move.

Fans of romances that are jagged will devour this read using its shocking plotline. It is only the first.

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