Top 15 Best Beekeeping Books Must Read 2020

Top 15 Best Beekeeping books Must Read 2020

Beekeeping can be a real mystery for novices. Even professionals will also be bound to overlook something or two every once in a while. With many writers and publishers at the beekeeping business, you might not be certain which book you need to purchase. That is why we decided to compile an inventory of our view of the ideal beekeeping books. Let us check these out.

Top 15 best beekeeping books 2020

Top 15 Best Beekeeping Books 2020

The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism

As soon as you’re done reading Honeybee Democracy, then you will want to proceed to this fantastic book. Yet more, The Buzz About Bees concentrates more on knowing the bee instead of advising on the best way best to maintain them.

The photos used are magnificent, and you’ll be immersed in the world of the treasured six-legged insect.

Find out more about how bees see blossoms, the queen, and her responsibilities, construction of this comb, and a lot more.

Knowing your bees is your very best approach to make certain that you’re working together, not despite them.

In case you were not in love with bees you won’t get beyond those pictures without surrendering a bit of yourself to them. Most importantly, it is a scientific publication whose content was thoroughly researched.

The language can be friendlier than you’d expect which may result from the writer’s desire to spread awareness to a massive crowd, specialists, and laymen alike.

Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture 2nd Edition

Just like you want various sorts of food to the human body, you have to enhance your mind with various thoughts. It is the ideal way to determine what works best for you.

In a universe that actually compels for fire-fighting and short term thinking, Ross Conrad brings us a book that’s motivated by the long-term impact.

As a beekeeper, he admits he did not enter it early in life and has been just motivated into the artwork by means of a moment of profound reflection. This is the station he’s selected with which to cure a poisoned world.

One a short look at the current problems impacting bee populations all around the world is a testimony in itself. Through Organic Beekeeping, the writer attempts to spread a message to modify our activities as they’re doing more damage than good.

A substantial part of the book is devoted to this ‘why’ question of beekeeping. Just like most relationships, knowing why helps direct you to the finest potential ‘the way’.

A number of the activities we choose end up causing far more collateral damage since we do not pause to consider through the ‘why’.

Why would a large number of colonies simply begin to perish in certain areas of the planet rather than others?

What’s the varroa mite, that was not invented lately, killing numerous colonies in certain areas of the planet rather than others?

If doing things how we have always done does not appear to be improving the circumstance, then we must modify the practice.

Conrad challenges both novice and the experienced beekeeper equally with Natural Beekeeping. Although to some, the publication may come off as preachy, it’s just the fire of the writer to inspire change.

Honeybee Democracy

This publication is proof that science is interesting. Written for the layman, Thomas Seeley discusses bee behavior and helps us comprehend the politics of this hive. Yes, there’s politics.

Many times we as beekeepers become caught up in optimizing that which we do, without pausing to consider why we do it. This provides a sense which we are able to see our apiary through the eyes of a bee.

There is a chapter about the dream house for honeybees. This sort of information actually helps the beekeeper improve the apiary for the utmost comfort of this bee. Whenever your bees are all happy, they then operate optimally.

Though this is not a how-to guide, I highly suggest The Honeybee Democracy for beginners that are new to beekeeping and trying to find a better comprehension of bees.

The more you know about the bees and their decisions, the more astute your beekeeping practices will likely be.

I would not restrict the viewer to beekeepers and bee fans. It is a fantastic book for anybody, particularly those whose loved ones are beekeepers and they are pleased to see from the sidelines.

As it is a scientific publication, its own text-heavy, however, the writing is friendly and easy to comprehend and therefore don’t be discouraged. I promise you’ll discover a lot of fascinating gems here.

A Sting in the Tale: My Adventures with Bumblebees by Dave Goulson

What is great for the honey bee is probably great for the rest of the kinds of bees. Sometimes we forget that all bees are not honey bees, also you will find cousins of our hive companions which see pollinating our gardens rather than asking for anything in return.

Thus, during the winter as soon as your beekeeping actions slow to a crawl, then take some opportunity to broaden your api-universe and dip into this publication.

A Sting in the Tale is well composed with humorous anecdotes, yet exceptionally informative and inclined to completely change your gardening practices simply to entice more of those little men.

The prologue is what sold the publication. Dave Goulson knows how to paint a picture with his words.

From the very first couple of pages, you’ll laugh and plead with an adventuresome boy whose amazing love for creatures sometimes exceeds his ordinary sense and lands him in funny scenarios.

Then, you will have to find out about the bumblebee and its own history. This really is a superb page-turner and excellent for beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike.

The BeeKeepers Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Programs

This is actually the beekeeper’s thesaurus. In reality, the grade of material used to publish this publication is constructed for a number of visits.

This is not a publication for the somewhat inquisitive or idle thoughts. Here really is the book you receive when you resign yourself into the experience of beekeeping.

The writers of this Beekeeper’s Bible let you know that the entire story. Where beekeeping started, the modifications and improvements it’s made, the ‘how-to’ manual of beekeeping, and lastly, vibrant and tasty ideas on which you could do using the final products.

Both novices and experienced beekeepers alike will find this book exceptionally resourceful. The Beekeepers Bible also makes a fantastic gift for a beekeeper, presuming you have not been infected with the beekeeping insect yourself.

Though it’s a fairly hefty novel, the beekeeper will locate that the language friendly and so simple to browse it through to the end. This book is largely aimed toward Langstroth hive beekeepers and using a title such as “Bible”, it might have been fine if it had contained additional beekeeping choices.

Nevertheless, the info is valuable and provides approaches to present your colony with the very best chance of success and prosperity.

Practical Beekeeping

Clive de Bruyn is the writer of this Practical Beekeeping. This beekeeping guide publication lays out info in an easy to digest fashion. Clive de Bruyn breaks beekeeping into different topics from the publication. Info in Practical Beekeeping is provided in manageable levels that readers could easily consume. The publication shares knowledge and expertise gained from the author over a span of over 30 decades.

Practical Beekeeping is organized to subjects that cover the variables essential to produce honey. It seems at honey bees, weather, forage, gear, the direction the beekeeper himself, and promotion of processed beekeeping products. In addition, it delves into the various techniques of packing beehive products. These critical areas are the principal segments of the publication. An indicator section can be contained in the publication.

Various beekeepers read novels in various ways. For people who might not be in a position to read the book from cover to cover, the table of contents and index are fantastic tools. They save you from needing to read the publication completely at a single sitting. Both of these segments of this Practical Beekeeping permit you to look for a particular subject of interest and see that segment only.

Few of the segments in Practical Beekeeping are all standalone. Most however are interlinked to other segments. Many times, you will find you have to read a chapter in most to pursuit your thirst for information about a place of beekeeping. Cross-references are included in which one segment draws from a different.

Successful integration of these teachings you locate in Practical Beekeeping along with your beekeeping practice is a certain way to relish beekeeping. The book is put out to be helpful to beekeepers who are new to the craft and people who have some expertise. The book was initially released in 1997. It uses photos and commissioned illustrations by the writer.

The Backyard Beekeeper, 4th Edition: A Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden

This one here’s just another must-have on your understanding tool belt. Equipped with 40 decades of expertise, Kim Flottum knows the requirements of a beekeeper really well. Fairly often, I find myself saying things such as”Right?!” As I flip the pages.

That lets you know that the language that he uses is quite relatable. The name of this publication is not coined only for earnings. The Backyard Beekeeper discusses the language of these new bees, ensuring to utilize small anecdotes and relatable metaphors so you’re not left behind.

The excellent thing is he did not exchange articles for aesthetics. With this novel, you get more than 200 hundred pages of the art and science of keeping bees.

The Backyard Beekeeper is written in this manner that reading it from cover to cover comes naturally. I state this because the design is actually terrific.

Additionally, the photos are captioned to inform the whole story, not only “Figure 8: A hive”. This makes it good for postings since, at times, you only need a fast glance to remind yourself of these directions before going to the apiary.

One other fantastic thing about the design of this Backyard Beekeeper is it’s sprinkled with interesting facts, helpful suggestions, and anecdotes which are fantastic for breaking the text up so that studying does not feel dull.

There is a part of urban centers that I found especially useful, particularly the advantages of an association because setting because the danger of honey bee-human battle is high.

In addition, he has very practical ideas for the best way best to keep bees regardless of the challenge of distance.

1 final selling point is you are able to purchase the soft copy version of the publication for a fraction of the price that you would have paid to get a physical backup. Save money, save a tree, also conserve on bookshelf space.

Homegrown Honey Bees: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Beekeeping Your Very First Year, From Hiving into Honey Harvest

If you’re entirely new from the realm of beekeeping, then stop what you are doing and catch yourself a copy of homegrown honey bees. It is the gateway into the beekeeping world, made especially for the complete beginner.

Pros, you’ll need to sit out this one. It is so great you are able to share it with your kids and provide them the beekeeping itch you have.

Being a sucker for films that begin with F “inspired by true events”, it is not a puzzle why this novel is really relatable.

Not only do they provide you step by step guides on things to do as a newcomer and the way to get it done, but they share their own story of success and loss.

Homegrown Honey Bees is an excellent book with beautiful images that whets your appetite for beekeeping.

When you look inside I bet these photos will probably have you in awe! In all honesty, I may have purchased the book just for the pictures.

I really don’t know whether it is because it provides the eyes a break in the monotony of text, or simply that honey associated photographs place a tiny buzz in me, but whatever it is, these photographs help you know what beekeeping is about.

1 thing you are bound to hear, again and again, the very first year is really the toughest. The majority of your learning will take place over the first 12 months. Without a mentor, it is quite easy to lose your colony.

This top tier publication is going to be your first company, showing you exactly what things to look for when you start the hive, assisting you to determine the members of your own colony and much more.

Homegrown Honey Bees by Alethea Morrison actually shows you the principles and makes the adventure of studying to keep bees as a newcomer so much pleasure.

Beginning Beekeeping: Everything You Want to Make Your Own Hive Thrive

Tanya Philips, the writer of composed Starting Beekeeping: Everything You Want to make your own Hive Thrive, is a prolific beekeeper using a large apiary in Texas, USA. She shares her enthusiasm for beekeeping and knowledge and abilities concerning the tradition of beekeeping from the publication. The publication comes in Kindle and paperback format. It has 192 pages and contains over 100 color photographs which make comprehending the contents of this book very simple.

Starting Beekeeping: Everything You want to make your own Hive Thrive is a terrific general guide for amateur beekeepers. The book is well researched and comprehensive. Additionally, it incorporates some sensible beekeeping skills. This makes it really ideal as a publication that can allow you to go from being a beginner to an intermediate beekeeper. As you obtain beekeeping experience, it’s fantastic to have a copy of the publication for reference purposes.

The text in Starting Beekeeping: Everything you have to make your own Hive Thrive isn’t hard to comprehend. It’s divided by pictures and provides simple to follow directions to beekeepers. The book is very informative. It launches you to beekeeping with confidence. Furthermore, the book manages to exude a passion for bees and beekeeping to its subscribers. The data in the publication is applicable, applicable, and has a very clear design.

Beekeepers search for helpful advice from beekeeping books they can use in their apiaries. Starting Beekeeping: Everything You want to make your own Hive Thrive provides you practical hints about swarming, and cross-legged cleaning. It’s among the very few beekeeping books appearing at the significance of beekeeping records. This publication is a recommendable purchase for both intermediate and beginner beekeepers because of the all-round info.

Beekeeping for Dummies 4th Edition

This beekeeping publication is excellent for garden beekeepers. It’s information about getting started with your initial colony. In addition, it guides you on beehive maintenance and assembly. The Beekeeping for Dummies 4th Edition allows you to quickly breeze through the several phases of honey production. Furthermore, remember the ‘Dummies‘ from the name, that is only the writer’s thing. This book is appropriate for all ability levels.

This 4th Edition of Beekeeping for Dummies utilizes both text and images. It’s satisfactorily descriptive as a manual for beekeepers. While novices are particularly suited by this publication, it provides a fantastic reference for professionals also. It’s a great source of information that will assist you to make more educated decisions in beekeeping.

There are 6 regions of beekeeping coated in Beekeeping for Dummies. They include management of a Langstroth and high bar hive, keeping bees in the suburbs and town, and ways to make bees and maintain them securely. The book also delves into beehive inspections and maintenance. It provides you advice about identifying and fixing common problems with your bees and beehive.

Beekeeping for Dummies is authored by Howland Blackiston. He shares with you over 30 decades of beekeeping experience and hints. This beekeeping publication is sold in both paperback and e-book variations. The e-book is created for Kindle readers. You will find 480 pages in the paperback edition of the publication.

Howland Blackiston uses easy language along with a friendly tone in his publication. This former president of the Backyard Beekeepers Association presents information clearly and readily digestible. The technical language which would be too tough to comprehend for amateur beekeepers is seldom utilized from the publication. Beekeeping for Dummies is essential and provides you with a very comprehensive introduction to beekeeping.

The Practical Beekeeper: Beekeeping Obviously

Now, here is a writer who is not afraid to break rules. His perspectives on beekeeping without compounds are extremely different from the ideals which encircle us. Nevertheless, his remarks are well educated and eloquently communicated.

Even though the publication is text-heavy, the table of contents reads like a FAQ page, and the remainder of the novel is as easy to follow and comprehend.

It is really a selection of those articles he’s published through recent years. A good deal of the data in the book is seen on his site, but reading the book is a far simpler way to go around all of the articles.

What do you expect from The Practical Beekeeper? He introduces you to the fundamentals of bee-keeping, the gamers specifically the queen, drone, employees, and the beekeeper.

He proceeds to explain the beekeeping scene as it stands today and the challenges it is currently facing. This stage brings out his demand for an alteration in how beekeepers function in light of those new challenges.

My take away from this novel is that bees have answers to the problems they’re facing. All of the beekeepers are simply too stubborn or oblivious to the basic solutions.

For example, at the start of the novel, he states the very simple means to manage queen-related problems would be to add open brood to the hive. That is one I am certainly going to try.

The Practical Beekeeper comprises three volumes, in other words, that the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Beekeeper. You may either purchase them individually or find this variant that includes all three as a single publication.

The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver: 100 Common Problems Explored and Explained

Sometimes, all you require is to be pointed in the ideal direction. James Tew does exactly that using The Beekeepers Problem Solver. Right from the table of contents, you could say this is not your normal textbook.

The approach taken makes it simple and fast to find the info that you’re looking for. The Beekeepers Problem Solver is made for the newcomer in addition to the seasoned beekeeper, therefore the language is straightforward and sprinkled with humor.

You could opt to read it from cover to cover, or search through the contents and discover your query, and you’re going to have a fast response.

If you realize that the situation you are in is not covered within this publication, then you might find solace from the sources section of the publication.

This is not a ‘how-to’ manual on beekeeping, similar to a group of commonly asked questions by beekeepers and beneficial advice to direct them to some solution. The photos are wonderful and increase the digestibility of this text.

The Beginners Guide to Beekeeping — Everything You Want To Know

With beekeeping attracting an increasing number of people daily, DIY guides in beekeeping are seeing the greater need. The Beginners Guide to Beekeeping — Everything You want to Know, can help you increase bees as a fun pastime. This publication consists of both the garden beekeeper and bigger scale beekeepers. The publication shows you the way beekeeping may get simple with sufficient training. The book answers a lot of questions that prospective beekeepers could inquire about. It covers setting up your beehives, caring for bees and beehives, and harvesting honey in the honeybee colonies.

The writers of the book are Daniel and Samantha Johnson. These are just two skilled beekeepers with years of expertise between them. They write well and share their abilities with you in a simple to comprehend way. This beekeeping publication has the experts directing you through the dos and don’ts of beekeeping. From begin to finish, the authors walk to raising a healthy and joyful beehive of honeybees.

Beekeeping can be as rigorous as it’s rewarding. This publication is a great guide that will aid you in creating any significant decisions you may encounter. Included in these are to begin beekeeping, in which to clinic beekeeping, and how to begin setting your beehive. The book has excellent advice and tips regarding bee body and behavior, considerations about beehive place, setup, and maintenance of your beehive with bees inside.

This really is a book that works for both novices and pro beekeepers. It’s worth having a copy of the book lying about. For fans of e-books, copies of this Beginners Guide to Beekeeping — Everything You Want to Know can be found for Kindle. Back in Flexibound, the book has 176 pages of advice to discuss with you.

Backyard Bees: A Guide for the Beginning Beekeeper

Beekeeping experience isn’t easy to find. Participants in beekeeping trust the expertise and ability of different beekeepers to successfully input beekeeping. A Variety of books for novices like the Backyard Bees: A Guide for the Beginning Beekeeper can be found on the Market. The book is written by Doug Purdie. This beekeeping book is available in hardcover and e-book formats.

Modern beekeeping just requires some little distance along with also a passion for bees. The Backyard Bees: A Guide for the Beginning Beekeeper is a beekeeping publication written to direct you in installing your initial beehive and keep it on time. The book teaches you how simple it’s to get a wholesome swarm of bees on your own hive and when to harvest honey. It provides comprehensive advice about how to opt for a hive. Additionally, it enlightens you about the gear you want to conduct an effective beekeeping operation. The writer saw it fit to also incorporate some 20 recipes for honey at the publication. Surely can be convenient.

This is a great beginning book for urban centers. It highlights why more folks must occupy beekeeping. The publication requires a glimpse into the dangers facing bees too. It covers the entire life cycle of bees, ailments that affect bees, and also the matter of neighbors. The book isn’t technical. It might not be relied on solely as a guide but is a fantastic addition to your beekeeping resource publications. It’s vibrant images that explain the data in the publication.

Any beekeeping newcomer reading Blvd Bees: A Guide for the Beginning Beekeeper receives a publication worthy of keeping for a while. As they get more experienced, the book acts as a simple beekeeping knowledge source. Professional beekeepers that will already possess a beekeeping publication library will also be ideal for a backup. The book was printed in 2014 and contains a great deal of well researched and upgraded beekeeping information.

Top-Pub Beekeeping: Organic Practices to Honeybee Health

by Les Crowder

Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health is a superb guide to top-bar beekeeping full of fantastic photos. It may find its way to shelves of several top-bar beekeepers. This publication provides a great deal of advice on hive management as well as other facets employing top-bar hives. But it may be inadequate for beekeepers that are only beginning with top-bar beekeeping so the further supply of advice may be required.

The top-bar beekeeping is centered on organic, low-stress techniques. In comparison to Langstroth box hive, top-bar beehive produces less honey produces more beeswax. Standard inspection of the hive and elimination of older combs helps keep bees fitter and disease-free. The publication explains the necessary seasonal skillsets to get top-bar achievement, in addition to the way to elevate your own queens. The focus is on developing disease-resistant bees that are powerful locally.

All home and hobbyist beekeepers should consider utilizing organic, low-stress methods explained in this publication. Additionally, the advice this publication offers will even appeal to house orchardists and anglers who search for bees for pollination.


1. The Reasons to see this beekeeping book

2. Very easy to see, you are able to share it with your kids

3. A complete must for a newcomer

4. Rich source of historic beekeeping Details

5. Get a different response to an age-old questions

6. The design makes for an enjoyable read with interesting facts on the Way

7. Amazing photos that help you realize that the’how-to’ of beekeeping.


Beekeeping novels have varying amounts of information. The thickness of information also changes from 1 publication to another. Our selections of the best beekeeping novels are great for both novices and professionals. You will buy one for novices and one for professionals, so you’re prepared for if you’ll be experienced. The publications help you maintain healthy bees for the greatest honey returns.

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